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Inherent to JLM Management & Consultancy Sdn Bhd on carrying out its activities on fulfilling its client’s exact needs in every way possible, we have maintained a comprehensive and well-coordinated quality policy throughout our operational tiers to ensure quality in all activities we do. Quality policy designed to include all major activities we do – sourcing of human resource, processing of human resource, and implementation of human resource to meet client’s exact needs-JLM Management &Consultancy Sdn Bhd has embraced such a quality system that works for better deliveries to all at the same time.

All staff members and Board of Directors are well-coordinated and are committed to the established quality system that is effective in achieving quality and satisfying clients both now and in the future. All at the same time we are also continually improving our service deliveries, enhancing our processes and reviewing our quality management system so that better results are achieved both for our clients and ourselves each time.