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Foreign Worker Recruitment and Placement

Connecting Global Talent with Local Needs

Foreign Worker Recruitment and Placement

At JLM Group of Companies, we specialize in sourcing skilled foreign workers from various countries across South and Southeast Asia. Our recruitment network spans India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other countries in the region, allowing us to meet your diverse workforce requirements with precision and care.

We understand the unique cultural and professional dynamics of each market, ensuring that the candidates we place are not only qualified but also well-aligned with your business values and operational needs. Our rigorous selection process involves thorough screening and assessment, guaranteeing a reliable and compliant workforce ready to contribute to your organization’s success.

Our commitment to excellence in recruitment extends beyond simply filling positions. We aim to build lasting partnerships that enhance the value of your business, providing ongoing support to ensure the successful integration of new employees into your team. Trust JLM to connect you with the talent that drives growth and innovation.

Benefits of Our Foreign Worker Recruitment and Placement Services:

What We Provide

Bringing the Best Talent to Your Business

JLM Group of Companies excels in connecting businesses with the best foreign talent from across South and Southeast Asia. Our services are designed to support your growth by providing a diverse and skilled workforce that aligns perfectly with your operational goals.

Learn How to Expand Your Workforce Globally

Discover how JLM’s foreign worker recruitment services can help you expand your workforce with skilled talent from Asia.

Apply for the Best International Talent

We assist in sourcing and applying for skilled foreign workers to meet your specific needs.

Ensure Smooth Transition and Integration

We provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth transition and integration for foreign workers.

Achieve Operational Excellence with Diverse Teams

Our goal is to help you build diverse teams that enhance productivity and innovation.

Join Our Community of Talented Professionals

Be a part of a dynamic network of skilled professionals. Apply for a job today and take the next step in your career with JLM Group of Companies.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Our clients’ success stories speak volumes about the quality and impact of our services.

Don’t Lose Hope, There’s Always an Opportunity Waiting for You

Our Partners

We are proudly registered and recognized by all major regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance and trust in our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Worker Recruitment and Placement FAQ

We recruit skilled workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Our rigorous selection process involves thorough screening and assessments to match candidates with your specific needs.

We offer comprehensive onboarding and integration support to ensure foreign workers seamlessly join your team.


Yes, we manage all compliance and regulatory requirements, ensuring adherence to local and international standards.

Absolutely. We customize our recruitment strategies to align with your unique business goals and operational needs.

We provide continuous support to ensure successful employee retention and address any post-placement needs.